Need Advice on building my Turbo G13B Swift (Indian Spec)

Post the details of your Suzuki build progress
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Dear Members,

A brief intro about my ride (She's called : THE DOMINION). She is a preowned 2007 top variant gasoline version and I am hitched to her since 2013.
She was boe stock when I bought her and ever since I have put in choicest mods possible. Below is the current list of mods;
1) 0.5mm upsize of cylinder bore from 74mm.
2) Custom final drive (short ratios).
3) Stage 1 Exedy Race clutch.
4) Custom MS Exhaust System.
5) BMC Conical Air Filter with SS plumbing.
6) Head port and polish (stock valve size).
7) NGK Iridium Spark plugs.
8) Sparco Trofeo 15" wheels with 205/55 Yokohama S-Drive tires.
Post mods, the final dynoed figures are 83Whp and 115Nm of torque.

Coming to my query, as all of our petrolheads quench for more power is inevitable, I want to take my build to the next level that is turbo charge. However, with my limited knowledge on technicalities I am unable to proceed further. Although we have to tuning firms here, their quotes are too high (Upwards of USD 6000) with no forged internals. I need your genuine suggestions on right parts required for my dream build and achieve my goal.

My primary factor is after turbocharging, the ride should still be stock reliable. I really take care of her when it comes to periodic maintenance. Have attached few pics of my sweet ride. Hope you folks will appreciate it. I am put up in Bangalore, India.

Thank you for being patient in reading my long post [-o<
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