FS: Breaking Ignis Sport for parts: Everything up for grabs

Suzuki parts for sale
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Hi guys, sorry for coming on to the forum just to sell stuff, but I don’t have many options, and I’m hoping I can interest you guys. I'll admit that I'm from Singapore, not Australia, but I'm willing to ship out stuff that you guys want.

Anyway, not sure if you guys are familiar with Singapore's car ownership laws, but basically cars here have to bought with a certificate that only allows it to be driven for 10 years, unless it's renewed. Current price for this certificate is almost SGD 70k, so it wasn't possible for me to obtain a new one for my Ignis Sport. As such, it's been de-registered and is currently at a workshop, awaiting its final date with a car crusher.

My car was first registered on 6 July 2004, and only had 141,000+km when I de-registered and parked it, so a lot of parts are still in decent condition. The car is stock, apart from an aftermarket muffler with certificate (Sebring, a German company), air intake (BMC CDA intake, see engine pic), coilovers (unsure of the brand) and sway bars. As it stands the entire car will be sent to a car crusher, so there's no point sending everything to be junked when they can be salvaged and re-used. If my car has to die, at least let it become an organ donor right?

As such, any part that is on the car, except the engine block and chassis, is available. Would be great if I can let my car live on in others. If you're looking for anything to keep as spares, I'm willing to let it go for cheap, and settle the shipping separately with you guys. Be they steering components, brakes, suspension, exhaust, pumps, lights, interior, body panels, etc, everything is up for grabs.

Unfortunately, the car has to go by this weekend, so get back to me ASAP, and I'll tell the workshop to remove the parts first. This workshop is capable of stripping a car to the shell, so no job is too big for them.

Thanks, and hopefully we'll be able to work something out!

Fielding all enquiries. Offer me a price for anything you want

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It's depressing that it has to be crushed when it's in such great condition.

I would suggest at a minimum keeping the fog light surrounds + fog lights + switches etc. as these should sell.

Probably also worth keeping smaller items that are unique to the sport version like gauge cluster and surround, centre console surround etc.
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Yeah, that's just sad! What a waste...
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Location: Sunny Perth, West Australia

It is a pity and happening so quick. I would have suggested that you get the workshop to cut the whole front off and include the seats and wheels as one part. Throw them all together into a container and send it to Perth.

A bit like the photo below...
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