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For all the topics not specific to RedlineGTi or Suzuki
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Just curious to see what other auto forums people will frequent to get inspiration or just to fill in time reading?

I've found myself looking a lot at the Honda stuff and a few of the mini forums for (some reason) as they are doing things most people wont try..
Also a couple of fabrication ones have a few good builds whether it be cars or equipment people are building...

This isn't meant to take publicity away from redline by any means (this place is great) , its just that there are a lot of forums with great builds and ideas that can be applied to many of our cars but may be hiding or not readily known to everyone!

Let us know where you go!
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PF fills in a fair bit of time and to a lesser extent, MCM.
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I hang around on the Ignis Sport Owners Club facebook page, and also /r/justrolledintotheshop on reddit. If you'd call those forums.
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PF for sure.
16Vminis (anyone sense a theme here?)

I spend too much time on the internet :?
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I usually frequent technology sites, rather than specific makes and models
The H.A.M.B - Jalopy Journal

All the usual favourites
And even :p because some of the stuff honda guys have tried, is relevant to our beloved G series
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Hanging around their social accounts is simple for any updates
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Good sites, thank you for sharing ;)
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