MK1, 2/3 ecu identification and plug descrepencies

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I recently purchased an '89 sidekick with 1300 DOHC head conversion. I have scoured various forums for information but some things are not adding up. From what I can tell based off the dizzy and the ECU part number it should be an MK2 head. However, there are some pins missing from the ECU connector. There is an 02 sensor in the header but it wasn't connected to anything. I am also getting an intermittent code 24 for vehicle speed sensor. According to the MK1 pinout these sensors are labelled as (if equipped). Should I run a new chunk of harness to these pins? I have all the tooling to pin the connectors. As of now the engine runs ok, kinda sluggish down low but anything after ~3500rpm it seems to wake up. never owned one before so I'm not sure how gutless is normal for these lil critters.
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A couple of photos would be a help
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GTi Pinout 1.JPG
GTi Pinout 1.JPG (30.3 KiB) Viewed 889 times
Don't mind the frayed wire and scotch lock at the ecu connector. They were like that when I bought it and I am in the process of re pinning those now.
GTi Pinout 2.JPG
'89 sidekick g16a w g13b head swap. bush buggy/commuter
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Running kind of sluggish downlow than after 3500rpm it wakes up sounds like bad timing.

The speed sensor is located inside (behind) the swift gauge cluster.
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o2 sensor connector (1 wire black connector) on the dohc harness should be near the coolant sensor (between head and firewall on your setup)
and for the speed sensor as mentionned above the wire come from instrument cluster to the ECM
mk1 dohc are not avaiable in canada and f3 ecm is 1989-1991 swift gti gt (mk2)

if you have proper matching harness (1989-1991)the engine wiring harness to dash harness connector should be green and rectangular,,,(near 3 yellow connector of ecm itself) wire from VSS should be in this connector
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