Leaking oil from the head gasket - Mk1 1 Swift

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I did the head gasket (plus a head rebuild) back in July 2000 on the Mk1. At the time I was advised/recommended to use that copper gasket spray-sealer on the gasket to ensure it would 'never leak/blow ' again.

Well, I appear to have now developed a tiny oil leak through the head gasket just near where the thermostat housing connects to the head. From what I've read online, oil leaking from a head gasket is' rare' and to look for 'other places' it may be coming from. I did look, and it definitely IS coming from the gasket near the thermostat housing.

I'll soon be re-tensioning the head bolts to see if that stops the leak but from anyone who has had this same issue what did you do to fix it? A 'bush mechanic' fix would be to simply seal the area around the leak with JB Weld or similar but I'd rather stop the cause altogether, even if that means re-doing the head gasket WITHOUT that copper gasket stuff. Note that I DIDN'T have the head skimmed during the July repairs as a straight-edge didn't reveal any warpage across the surface (the motor has never overheated)

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