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 Post subject: START HERE - Technical FAQ-1986~99 Swift
PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2004 10:14 pm 
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As the title would suggest, this is a sticky thread that will point to previous threads on topics that are covered all the time. (and most of us get sick of hearing about ;) )
Due to overwhelming support for this idea, it will stay in place until the articles section of the website is off the ground.

So, please post your suggestions below for what should be included in this thread.
Please post the topic followed by a link to the relevant thread. I'll check in frequently to review your posts and add the most relevant suggestions, and delete your post. (Just to keep it neat)

Disclaimer: Use this information at your own risk. Linking to information from this thread does not mean we endorse the methods used, or suggest that you follow any guidance given from member of the forum. Storing or Loading of copyright material such as Workshop Manuals on this site is not permitted. Ownership of copyright material remains with the copyright owner.

Thanks all - your input is appreciated.

Expired Teamswift links have been deleted
The history of the Suzuki Swift in Australia
Gti Buyers guide
Baleno Buyers Guide
Common service item part numbers
Automotive Smart Phone Apps - Android & IoS
Cheap Performance Mods - Stage 1
MK1 specific Mods
Recommended Technical Reading
Suzuki Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) from TeamSwift
Justtools - Mailorder supplier of tools and workshop equipment.
Whiteline Automotive ~ Real Handling For Your Suzuki Swift - Hot 4's magazine #33
Dodging Defects with Stealth Mods - AutoSpeed Article
How to Rear Wheel Drive a Swift (MK1 based RWD Swift)

National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification (NCOP):
It is important to note that the NCOP is a "live" document and will be updated by the Working Party as required. Please be aware that the NCOP only represents the technical requirements that must be met - administrative requirements are dealt with separately by each state and territory's administrative guidelines or business rules.

National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification (NCOP) - Complete NCOP Document listing

VSB 14 Documents = Complete list updated Jan 2011

* NCOP1 Preface V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 83 KB]
* NCOP2 Introduction V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 141 KB]
* NCOP3 Section LA Engine V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 218 KB]
* NCOP4 Section LB Transmission V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 134 KB]
* NCOP5 Section LG Brakes V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 180 KB]
* NCOP6 Section LH Body Modifications V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 993 KB]
* NCOP7 Section LK Seating and Occupant Protection V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 1729 KB]
* NCOP8 Section LL Motorcycles V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 281 KB]
* NCOP9 Section LM Fuel Systems V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 243 KB]
* NCOP10 Section LO ADRS ICVs V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 814 KB]
* NCOP10A LO1-3 ICV Checklist V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 144 KB]
* NCOP10B LO1-4 ICV Checklist V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 122 KB]
* NCOP10C LO7 ICV Motorcycle Checklist V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 193 KB]
* NCOP10D LO1-2 Second Edition ADRs Checklist V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 127 KB]
* NCOP11 Section LS Suspension and Steering V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 1319 KB]
* NCOP12 Section LT Test Procedures V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 563 KB]
* NCOP13 Section LV Alternative Power Units V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 90 KB]
* NCOP14 Guidelines Electric Drive V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 307 KB]
* NCOP15 Trike Guidelines V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 781 KB]
* NCOP15A LEM Trike Checklist V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 139 KB]
* NCOP15B LEP Trike Checklist V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 146 KB]
* NCOP16 Appendices V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 437 KB]
* NCOPC1 Cover Page VSB14 V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 502 KB]
* NCOPC2 Cover Page Guidelines Electric Drive V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 972 KB]
* NCOPC3 Cover Page Trike Guidelines V2 01Jan2011 [PDFPDF: 128 KB]

MODIFIED VEHICLE GUIDELINES 2006. Technical Guidelines for Air and Noise Emission Required for Modified In-Service Vehicles

Installing E-Tronic EL Dials (Beleno - but good guide for other models as well)
New Swift Short Shifter How-To
Removing the MK3 complete dash - used in doing MK2 -> MK3 dash conversion

Discussion on building a 120 ~ 130HP NA engine
Performance 4's Article on building a 150HP NA GTi engine
Identifying Mk1 vs MK2 vs mk3 engines
ECU Error Codes MK1
ECU Error Codes MK2/3
How to set Diagnostic Mode to check ECU Error Codes
Budget Turbo
Budget Turbo Price List
Low Boost / Low Budget Turbo
Stock MK3, DSM & Supra injector flowrates
Turbo - headwork, cams and valves
G13BA to G13B Conversion
G13BA to G13B Conversion - inc. brake upgrades
TeamSwift SOHC to DOHC Guide
Extractor/headers comparison
Aftermarket Chips
ECU identification
Fixing / Firming up of engine mounts
Exhaust sizing for N/A GTi
Re-Calibrating your TPS - MK1
Re-Calibrating your TPS - MK2/3
Testing the MAF - page 1- page 2 - page 3.
Testing fuel pressure
Air-con installation procedure
Replacing the G13B waterpump
G16B to DOHC conversion
Liana M18 engine / gearbox into a GTi. Includes turbo and ECU
DIY replacement for a faulty Cold Start Valve
How to paint the Rocker Cover
How to paint the Rocker Cover - with pictures
Harmonic damper / Lightweight crank pulley discussion

Engine - CAMS:
Full spec's of the Tighe Engineering GTi CAMS
Adjustable cam gear setting - Lobe Separation & Cam Timing.
Comprehensive discussion on the timing effects of Adjustable Cam Pullies / Gears
Crane CAMS - Installing cams and checking the spec's
ISKY CAMS - Installing and degreeing racing cams. Covers the effects of advancing and retarding cam timing
Manual pages for Timing Belt tension

2 part Gearbox rebuild series:
Part 1 - How to dismantle a MK1/2/3 gearbox - lots of pictures. On Part 1 - Pulling the box apart
Part 2 - Series continued on Part 2 - reassembling the box
GTI Gearbox strip and rebuild
Adapting the 1600 Sedan box to the GTi
1600 gearbox / PG LSD / welded diff
Part Numbers for the drive shaft / half shaft / intermediate shaft bearing and seals.
Info on ratios and equations to work out details
Developing a GTi close ratio gearbox.
DMWdave's post regarding gearbox points of weakness
Dismanteling a gearbox
Changing gearbox oil
MK1 gearbox mounts and stress cracks in the floor
Driveshaft centre bearing replacement
Gearbox bearing part numbers
Discussion about gearing, wheel and tyre selection and running a GTi at Bathurst
Discussion about 4.4:1 (4.389:1) diff ratio, locating the right gearbox and using the 4.4 diff
Technical Article on how a Cusco 1, 1.5 and 2 way LSD works.
How To Guide - 0.757 Cino / Swift 5th gear in to a GTi box
Gearbox removal How-To

Big brake upgrade for GTi's using New Swift / Swift Sport Calipers. Bolt-on upgrade.
Selecting Suspension Spring Rates
FFCOBRA.COM - Suspension corrective actions for oversteer / understeer.
Whiteline Jim - Camber, Caster, Toe and Swaybars. General discussion with specific GTi recommendations at the end.
Selecting Swift spring rates
Koni racing shocks/dampers for Swifts explained by Dattman
Installing Koni inserts in the front struts & Part 2 - doing the coilover conversion
Another coilover conversion - excellent pictures
How To replace the springs and shocks
WRX coilovers onto a Baleno (all 4 struts) - adjustable spherical bearing tops on the front, and spherical bearing plates on the back.
MK1 Spherical bearing strut tops
Guide to legal wheel sizes
D.I.Y. Lowering
Suspension for 17" wheels (Or any size for that matter)
Fitting 17" wheels
Wheels scrubbing at full lock
Rolling guards
D.I.Y. Guard rolling
Rear disc pad removal
Cino -> Gti Brake Hub conversion
Alternative brake calipers & disk pads
Using Hyundai calipers
Hyundai caliper conversion
Part number for GTI suspension bushes and info on Hub bolt installation
Technical discussion on swaybars
Technical discussion on strut braces / body braces
SOHC G10 Strut Tower Brace (Pictures) and More pictures of the bar
Autospeed Technical article: Sway Bar Shenanigans
Autospeed Technical article: Improving FWD handling with Rear Sway Bars
Elantra Club - DIY 4 Wheel Alignment
Wilwood 4 Piston Cailpers for GTI
Noltec Suspension Components - now part of Whiteline
Whiteline Flatout - Suspension
MK1 rear disc brake conversion
Baleno poly suspension bush part numbers
Adjustable rear Toe bars
Extended Wheel Studs using Honda 12x1.50 studs (Suzuki is 12x1.25 so you need new wheel nuts as well.)
Replacing the springs or struts or doing both.
Suzitech strut brace poly bush part numbers
Adjustable rear spring platform
Rear coilovers

GSXR1000 Quad TB How-to
ITB's using GSX1000 TB's and new manifold to suit
Quad TB Howto based on 1999-2002 GSXR 1100 -includes manifold manufacture
Quad TB's based on Honda CBR929 - good pictures of TB setup and manifold
Throttle body selection - TB size and flow dynamics.
Location of the fuel filter MK2/3
Location of the fuel filter MK1
How to drop the fuel tank
MK1, MK2. MK3 Injector Flow rates + Pic's of the different injectors
Diagram for adding a Swirl Pot
SR20 Throttle Body Modification
SR20 Throttle Body installation guide
Updated SR20 Throtttle Body pictorial guide
Calibrating the stock GTi TPS with SR20 TB

Body Kits / Bodywork:
Body kit ideas for modified MK1's
Front bar installation requirements
Rolling the guards
Autospeed article on rolling guards
Aerocatch bonnet pins
DIY Painting guide
Screw locations to remove front bumper
Fixing the bonnet release

Instrument Cluster Earth Repair - fixes bouncing gauge needles.
MK3 ECU plug wiring / pinout - complete listing
How to clean the AFM Sensor
Headlight adjustment - detailed guide
Angel Eyes Headlight Conversion
How-To - Changing dash lights to LED's
Guide to fitting a 110A Alternator (Sierra based example)
MK1 ECU Pinout and Error Codes
MK1 ignition Schematic
MK1 Ignition with Aftermarket ECU's
MK1 ECu / MK1 Group A ECU
Setting MK2/3 Ignition Timing - use with the Workshop Manual
Fitting 110Amp EL Falcon Alternator on a GTi
How-To add relays to headlights.
Car Builds & Specs:
In The Build Forum
Info on Zuboo' car
Info on Marshy's car
xgti-man MK1
00vro MK3 rebuild
Marymark MK2 rebuild
4EFTE Conversion into a MK1
Extensive Cappuccino rebuild
The MK1 HSC Special
MK1 GTI G13B into Suzuki Sierra Guide
G16B to DOHC conversion
fatboyz39 build specs
Marduke Build (G15A)
Gti Kid build
Supercharged GTi
G13BA build. Engine power ends up similar to a standard GTi
AWD Swift into a Mini - Comprehensive Technical Thread
DMWDave - Evo powered new Swift AWD
DMWDave - Liana M18 + turbo into a MK3 GTi
gonzalez -J20 / J23 GTi
Blake's Cultus Gti AWD Rally Car
How to turn your 2WD Gti into a 230HP AWD fire breathing monster. Very descriptive thread.

Expired Teamswift links been deleted.

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 Post subject: Autospeed Technical and Performance Articles
PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2008 4:44 pm 
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==========>AutoSpeed Website<==========
These are Performance Articles in general - NOT Suzuki specific.
The following AutoSpeed website links are of interest to me; they might interest you - they might not.
Read the AutoSpeed website for information about their services.

If you find the Autospeed website of value, consider Supporting AutoSpeed with a donation.

Heavy Breathing
Breathing Deeply
Tuning Air/Fuel Ratios
Eliminating Negative Boost - Part 1
Eliminating Negative Boost - Part 2
Eliminating Negative Boost - Part 3
Eliminating Negative Boost - Part 4
Eliminating Negative Boost - Part 5
Siting Coldair Intakes
Into the Intake - Part 1
Into the Intake - Part 2
Into the Intake - Part 3
Into the Intake - Part 4
Multi Throttles
Dual Pipe Induction - Part One
Dual Pipe Induction - Part Two
Throttle Body Bargains
Mixture Modifier
Airflow Meter Swaps
Building a New Airflow Meter, Part 1
Building a New Airflow Meter, Part 2
Airflow Meter Bypass, Part 1
Airflow Meter Bypass, Part 2

Strut Stuff
Spring Ding
Suspension Secrets - Part 1
Suspension Secrets - Part 2
Suspension Secrets - Part 3
Front Suspension Designs
Choosing and Installing Lowered Springs
Beginners' Guide to Front-End Angles, Part 1
Beginners' Guide to Front-End Angles, Part 2
Front Wheel Drive Shafting
Fitting Front Camber Adjusters
Tyres, Grip and All That...
How to Steer

Engine Management
Electronic Engine Management, Part 1
Engine Management Systems, Part 2
Engine Management Systems, Part 3
Programmable Management Mania, Part 1
Programmable Management Mania - Part 2
Programmable Management Mania, Part 3
Engine Management for Turbo Conversions - Part One
Engine Management for Turbo Conversions - Part Two
Tuning Air/Fuel Ratios
Getting the Ignition Timing Right

Out the Exhaust - Part One
Out the Exhaust - Part Two
Out the Exhaust - Part Three
The Low-Cost High-Flow Exhaust - Part One
The Low-Cost High-Flow Exhaust - Part Two
The Cheapest Exhaust You've Ever Heard Of, Part 1
The Cheapest Exhaust You've Ever Heard Of, Part 2
The Technology of Oxygen Sensors

Car Electronics
DIY Modification of Car Electronic Systems - Part 1
DIY Modification of Car Electronic Systems - Part 2
DIY Modification of Car Electronic Systems - Part 3
Setting Up an In-Car PC, Part 1
Setting Up an In-Car PC, Part 2
Setting Up an In-Car PC, Part 3
Setting Up an In-Car PC, Part 4
Mains Power for Your Car!
The Digital Fuel Adjuster, Part 1
The Digital Fuel Adjuster, Part 2
The World's Best DIY Immobiliser
Cheaply Monitoring Air/Fuel Ratios
Playing Instruments - Part 1
Playing Instruments - Part 2
Do-It-Yourself Halogen Reversing Light

Tech Tips
Dozen Tech Tips
Two Dozen Tech Tips
Twenty Tech Tips
More Tech Tips
Handy Tech Tips
Tech Basics: Crash, Boom, Bang
Dodging Defects
DIY: An Oil/Air Separator
Building An(other) Oil/Air Separator
Needles and Pointers
Power Porting!
Cam Talk
Reading Oil Specs - Part 1
Synthetic Oils
Petrol and Driving Performance
Engine Epic Part 4 - Subaru, Daihatsu, Suzuki and Isuzu

DIY Modifications - 7 part series
Ultimate DIY Automotive Modification Tool-Kit, Part 1
Test the flow of...
    Intake snorkels
    Air filters
    Intake ducting
    Cat converters
    Particulate traps
    ..all at near zero cost

Ultimate DIY Automotive Modification Tool-Kit, Part 2
Test the aerodynamics of your car and see...
    Areas of turbulence and attached flow
    The size of the wake
    Areas of low and high pressure
    The effectiveness of aero modifications
    Part 2 of a 7-part series

Ultimate DIY Automotive Modification Tool-Kit, Part 3
Measuring aerodynamic pressures to find...
    The best place for the engine air intake and bonnet vents
    And the effectiveness of...
    Scoops and undertrays
    Measuring changes in drag

Ultimate DIY Automotive Modification Tool-Kit, Part 4
    Throttle response
    ...and at no cost at all!

Ultimate DIY Automotive Modification Tool-Kit, Part 5
Using just a simple boost gauge and a clinometer to measure...
    Turbo lag
    Wastegate creep
    Boost controller performance
    Shape of the torque curve
    Best gear-change points

Ultimate DIY Automotive Modification Tool-Kit, Part 6
Quantifying handling
    Describing handling characteristics
    Skid pan testing
    Describing ride

Ultimate DIY Automotive Modification Tool-Kit, Part 7
Selecting the right car to modify
    Balancing the modification trade-offs
    Modification workshops
    Understanding performance

The Clutch of the Matter

Access to 3,500 Free AutoSpeed Articles
Link to all free articles at AutoSpeed

Links updated June 2014. This information is supplied in good faith - How you use this information and the outcomes of such use, is entirely your responsibility.

 Post subject: Re: START HERE - Technical FAQ-1986~99 Swift
PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:12 am 
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Everything the DIY car enthusiast needs to know about basic car maintenance:wheels, tyres, motor oil, suspension, brakes, gearboxes, transmissions, steering, engines, petrol and general car maintenance.

Suspension -

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 Post subject: Indicator Fuse
PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:15 am 

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Was wondering if there was any one who could help me out. The fuse for my indicators I believe have blown, but their seems to be no indicator fuse in the engine bay or in the dash. I was wondering how I could fix this problem

The indicator lights do not work, the light does not come on in the dash either.

Hazard lights work normally.

1993 Suzuki Swift GTI

 Post subject: Re: START HERE - Technical FAQ-1986~99 Swift
PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2018 11:12 pm 

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Hi Boy!
i can't download wiring full diagrams cfor swift MK1.
Where can I find it?
From this path I can not download it ...
Full diagram 1988

Thank you very much! I hope to be able to run the MK1 GTI engine on subaru Justy 4x4 !! 8)

 Post subject: Re: START HERE - Technical FAQ-1986~99 Swift
PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 12:41 pm 

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This is very interesting, You’re a very skilled post. I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your transmission fluid post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!

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