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 Post subject: cino to gti fuel pump asap
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Ping pong, a fast-paced sport


Ping pong has no explicit or precise origins. It Seems that it appears almost casually at a tennis club in England, in the years 1870, on a rainy day does not allow people to play outside, so they have created a miniature tennis of their own , use the billiard table.
In 1891, James Gibb used a wooden table for a mesh plate attached to small columns and used rubber balls; Soon after, Gibb discovered a number of small celluloid balls upon arrival in the United States, the perfect place for use in the game. James calls his game "Gossima ", and then suggests the name changed to "ping pong ", a sound generated by the ball when colliding into the racket and tables. However, the name was registered as a trademark in the United States, so it was finally called "Ping pong ".
In 1901, the first tournaments were held in England and the British Ping Ping Association, renamed in 1927 to the British Ping pong Association, was established. In 1922 This new sport was known in Sweden, France, Wales, Central Europe and many other countries.
In 1926, in London, the International Ping pong Federation (ITTF) was established, accepting the first world Championship mission, in which Hungary, Austria, England, India, Wales, Czechoslovakia and Germany joined. The first winner was the Hungarian R. Jacobi. The Women's involvement is very low. It only consisted of fourteen players, 11 British, 2 Austrian and one Hungarian.
In 1952, with the appearance of the Japanese for this sport combining new techniques and materials, a new era in Ping pong history began. Today, China is the world domination country, followed by Japan, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Korea, and Sweden. Visit pingpongstart to read more about table tennis.


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has recognized Ping pong as Olympic Sports in 1977 2009, although its official launch was not held until 1988 in Seoul.

In Spain, various contests are organised by the Royal United Nations Ping pong Federation.
Most Spanish clubs have introduced Chinese and Asian players; In fact, the best player in the history of Ping pong in Spain is He Zhi Wen (usually baptized as "Juanito "), who was born in China. For The national team, he ranks twenty-two in the world rankings.

Surface Play

The game Desk has a rectangular area of 9 ft and width of ft, 2.5 ft (height).
It can be made of any material, but must meet certain basic features, such as completely flat, usually dark blue or green; and must provide a 9.1-inch bounce when the ball falls from a height of 11.8 inches.
The Net divides the field in width into two equal parts and must be kept by the article at a height of 6 inches.
The play area is the area around the player's table and the referee in the competition. Its size must be long from 32.8 to 45.9 ft and wide 16.4 to 22.9 ft.

The player

Ping pong can be played individually or occasionally. The player changes the side at the table at the beginning of each game and in the game decide, when one of them reaches ten points.
Typically, Ping pong players wear short sleeve shirts, shorts or skirts, stockings and sports shoes.

The competition was presided over by a league leader and appointed the referee for each match, who was the decision of each game.
The ball must be spherical and made of celluloid resin, yellow or white with translucent surfaces and has a weight of 0.098 oz and 1.57 in diameter.
Racquet or paddle may be any size, shape and weight, but at least 85% of its mass, must be a single wood piece; Currently The racket is made of carbon fibre layers, glass or compressed paper. As a rule, the tennis's adhesion is covered with the bottle node for convenience.
One or both sides of the racket will be coated with bright red rubber on one side and the other side black.

Basic Gameplay


The service is the task you make to put the ball into the game, the first hitting player is called the server.
When starting the service, the ball must stand still, left on the palm to open freely and expand the server, behind the end line and on the level of the play surface.

After two points, the player or the recipient folder will become the player or the folder to serve and until the end of the game unless both players or folders have scored 10 points or the speed-level system is operated



The player will score a point when his opponent performs any of the following offences:
Do not place the ball on the opposite side of the table.
Don't bounce the ball before it touches the ground.
Allow the ball To bounce multiple times on the game table or hit it twice.
Touch the table manually not while the ball is playing or move the table in part of the body.
In pairs, hit the ball out of turn.
Match Duration
The first player scored 11 points as the winner unless both players scored 10 points; In this case, the winner is the first player to receive a difference of 2 points.
One match was played best in three or five matches.
There is No fixed time for the duration of the Ping pong match, so when the game lasts more than 10 minutes, the rule called the Velocity is applied (both players may also require before 10 minutes). Since the moment this rule is applied, each player will rotate once the ball is delivered until the game ends.

Paddle Treatment

In Ping pong There are three basic ways to take the racket:
Europe or classic: It's mostly used in Europe and its main advantage is that you can play both sides of the racket without changing the position of the fingers; You grip the paddle as in the tennis, but leaving the extended index on the outside (backhand), on the edge of the sword.

Read more about paddle here: The personalized ping pong paddles for beginners.

Chinese: The Thumb and pointing fingers are next to each other on the outer edge without actually being exposed, while in three inner toes together and slightly bent down the plate.

Japanese: It is very similar to the Chinese, but the thumb and thumb in contact with each other; On the opposite side, the fingers are more open than the Chinese type of ruling.

Basic location

The exact body Posture is standing with a slightly bent knee and the body weight leaning forward to accelerate and facilitate the manipulation.

The shifts work very short and, unless players stay away from the table, the two pins are not getting crossed. The exact Distance from the table depends on the tactic used, but in any case, you should not hold a position where you are exposed to the table, except to return a drop.

Basic Strokes

There are also many ways to arrange net of table tennis. It all depends on the way you hold the paddle, and touch the ball in which direction.:
Open head: When you reach the ball on the same side, you hold the paddle; Right to the right and left side for the left.
Left hand typing: When you have to first hand the body to perform the blow. Side of the paddle exposed to the ball other than in hand-handed.

Shadow Effect


The type of stroke you use gives the different ball effects. Of these are:
Spin the head: turn the ball towards the opponent. This Type of effect is often used for fast, broad strokes. By returning a ball with a spin on the top with a flat paddle, the ball will shoot up. How did you know "how to hold a ping pong paddle pingpongstart"?

Rollback: In this type of effect, the ball turns back, the lower the bounce and the blow is usually closer to the grid. It's a type of defensive shot because the ball goes at a slower pace. By returning a ball with the effect back on a flat paddle, the ball will move very little and then knock on the table.

Spinning Party: This is the hardest effect to give the ball and also the hardest answer. This Type of side effect occurs when the ball rotates to two sides, so at the time of the bounce, the ball will shoot to the opposite side of the effect. This Effect is often used while serving.

Although Ping pong seems to be a simple and easy-to-practice sport, it requires precision and high concentration.

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 Post subject: Re: cino to gti fuel pump asap
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I think it would be advisable to change the fuel pump because of the age of the pump along with the fact that it may not be strong enough flow rating for the GTi engine. No need to change he the tank. I'm not sure about the lines because I can't say what's different from the cino to gti

 Post subject: Re: cino to gti fuel pump asap
PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 1:37 pm 

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you'll need to change the fuel pump from a low pressure carb pump to
a high pressure efi pump.
because of the pump change you'll have to change the fuel lines as well,
again from low pressure to efi lines, other wise the rubber will pop.
as for the tank and hard lines, they will need to be changed as well,
the tank insides are different for carb and efi, same as the pipe sizes carb is smaller
than the efi lines, also you'll have to change the fuel filter from a plastic carb
filter, to a metal efi filter and mount.
hope this helps :)

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