Spark Plugs! NGK and Champion
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As some people know, Ozmotorsport Performance can supply NGK and Champion Spark Plugs @ very competitive prices! Listed Below are some of our currently available stock.

CHAMPION IRIDIUM PLG 9804 $14ea Suit GTi, honda D15, Mirage
CHAMPION IRIDIUM PLG 9001 $14ea Suit Honda B16a, B18c, Audi a4, wrx, golf gti etc
CHAMPION IRIDIUM PLG 9201 $14ea Suit Suzuki Swift 1.6, 200sx, 300zx

NGK BKR6EIX IRI PLG 6418 $14.50ea
NGK BPR6EIX IRI PLG 6637 $14.50ea
NGK BKR5EIX-11 IRI PLG 5464 $14.50ea
NGK BPR7EIX IRI PLG     4055 $14.50ea
Ozmotorsport Performance
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