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 Post subject: 92 Swift GT into track car build. My first track car!
PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:52 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:38 am
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Hi Everyone!

My name is Kyle and i'm new here. Not new to the platform at all, but new to the site. I've been into the Metro side of the community for quite a while and GT swapped my Metro about 10 years back.
File comment: My 92 Metro that I GT swapped.
FB_IMG_1486670305228.jpg [ 55.78 KiB | Viewed 13 times ]

This past year I finally got ahold of an actual GT, 2 of them actually. There were to GTs floating around my neck of the woods over the past 10 years, and I managed to pick them both up within a 2 month span. I've decided to use one as a parts car (black GT) and the other (White GT) as my track car build.

File comment: Black parts car. Does run and drive but it has been through multiple redneck owners and has the scars to prove it.
35433012_10216179536790962_3468637415273398272_o.jpg [ 691.14 KiB | Viewed 17 times ]

I originally wanted to build this car into a ChumpCar racer, but I realized once I had the cage put in that there just isn't enough head clearance for a proper cage, while maintaining a comfortable driving position, therefore i've shelved the ChumpCar plans. Lucky for me, I'd already purchased all the suspension and accompanying parts for the build.

To avoid a (longer) wall of text, I'll summarize what all that HAS been done to the car, along with pictures in chronological order. I'll reply to my own topic with how its first track day event went (last weekend).

Engine was extremely healthy. Compression was 210-215 across the board. I pulled that engine out because I have a set of cams for it and want to regasket it while out of the car. In the meantime, I have a junkyard engine to drop in it. It has bad compression, but it's even at 145-150 on all 4. I ran the J/Y engine at the trackday with zero issues, aside from having worse compression afterwards (120-130).

Vogtland Springs (I have a set of H&Rs to compare with them)
Excel G Shocks
Poly bushings front and rear
Reinforced rear control arms
4/2/1 header - 2" turbine muffler - 36" glasspack - turndown before RR wheel
Aluminum flywheel/Centerforce Clutch
Stock rear swaybar - Not running a front bar as of now
Installing S13 front camber plates this weekend
eBay heim joint rear toe arms
CRX Si front brakes with Hawk DTC70 pads - Zero fading issues at trackday
ebay technafit brake lines
16x7 RPF1s with 195/45 595Evo tires - Tires are terrible and definitely the weakest point
eBay aluminum radiator & hoses
TurbineTech aluminum underbody brace

File comment: Day after I picked it up.
29101502_10215428467374696_1652712692630159360_o.jpg [ 1.02 MiB | Viewed 13 times ]

29101256_10215428468254718_5222550266225623040_o.jpg [ 980.41 KiB | Viewed 11 times ]

29025497_10215428469814757_8540208104892006400_o.jpg [ 1.13 MiB | Viewed 12 times ]

29063192_10215428469414747_2967754382138933248_o.jpg [ 1.06 MiB | Viewed 17 times ]

File comment: Day I got it home from getting the cage put in it. Cage wasn't done correctly and needs to be totally redone. This is part of the reason I decided to scrap the ChumpCar idea.
40597577_10216746885374322_8063154770086461440_o.jpg [ 631.5 KiB | Viewed 13 times ]

File comment: Pile o Parts!
35646191_10216179538711010_1326876231374733312_o.jpg [ 644.25 KiB | Viewed 12 times ]

File comment: Moar parts!
35515709_10216179539951041_8690020464006791168_o.jpg [ 694.12 KiB | Viewed 12 times ]

File comment: Getting the exhaust done.
52838812_10218019205021518_248907764418478080_o.jpg [ 712.55 KiB | Viewed 15 times ]

File comment: The complete exhaust
51385396_10218019208421603_4992620063912624128_o.jpg [ 767.13 KiB | Viewed 25 times ]

File comment: Track Ready!
55575568_10218138022431879_7382764287485280256_o.jpg [ 943.42 KiB | Viewed 11 times ]

File comment: Might have had a runoff or 2!
54434275_10218146477403248_4546328672155467776_o.jpg [ 950.6 KiB | Viewed 14 times ]

File comment: The interior pretty much buttoned up and ready for the track.
52313828_10218038241737424_7138760164538056704_o.jpg [ 740.91 KiB | Viewed 14 times ]
 Post subject: Re: 92 Swift GT into track car build. My first track car!
PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 3:05 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:38 am
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Location: Alabama
Here are a few video links to my first track day with it.

Trackday was at MidPond Raceway in Columbiana Alabama. Very small (1/2 mile) 12 turn track. It was built as a personal go-kart track, but the owner decided to open it up to drift cars and other motorsports. Its a really well taken care of track and the owner is really laid back and nice. I'd highly recommend it if you're looking for a cheap track experience. $80 if you pre-register and $100 if you just show up. They typically do 1 trackday a month. Tech is very very basic.

This was my first ever track experience. Overall, I think both myself and the car did really well. I feel like I overdrove the corners a bit and definitely need to learn to not cross my arms over. I had a massive traction issue through the center and exiting the turns. I only had -.5* camber in the front and my tires are 5 year old cheap 595Evos. I couldn't put ANY power down, this engine is virtually stock, and is far from healthy.

I'm going to be installing some S13 front camber plates this weekend to try and get a bit more camber. Tires aren't on the budget just yet, so i'll likely do my next day on them, but with extra camber. Hopefully that'll help a bit. I also did not run a front swaybar for this event. That wasn't exactly intentional. I had the exhaust done without the front sway bar and didn't realized my clearance issue till i went to put the bar on. I'm getting some spacers made to remount the bar this weekend as well.

Please give me your input and advice! Here are the 2 videos I have of me driving at the event:

This is a 14 minute video: ...

This is a much shorter video. Its of my best timed lap of the day: ...

 Post subject: Re: 92 Swift GT into track car build. My first track car!
PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 7:15 pm 

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Built on a budget, having fun so cant beat that. Lap times will get better each time you out there learning and modifying it.
Well done, keep at it. =D>


 Post subject: Re: 92 Swift GT into track car build. My first track car!
PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 7:24 am 

Joined: Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:40 am
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If you enjoy the building it’s a great deal of satisfaction when it goes well. Really fun passing 1600 vtecs with an NA 1300. They love it..... 8-[

Keep it up....gearbox is a weak part of the deal....2nd gear mainly and also the diff.
Have a wee look at the diff and the pins as they can wreck the box if one comes out.

Engines are nearly bullet proof in stock form...

Stock suspension is atrocious. Good you are onto that...

Good semi slicks are well worth the expense...resist going to too low profile of a Tyre...they need a little bit of sidewall....50’s are pretty good. On a 16” rim with a 195/45 you are higher in diameter by 1/4” than a 195/50/15 and on a stock box your ratios are not good...too low in first and too high in second....on a stock box you are probably better off with small wheels and tyres.

You can look for some lower ratio gears. I want to a dog’s low ratio but a high 1st gear....really livens up even a standard gti engine

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