Clutch kits
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Location: Brisbane

I have a complete range of clutches available from std organic through to heavy duty turbo four puck,to suit all suzuki range of vehicles.
Available in turbo four puck,sprung or solid centre -G13b,g16,m15,m16,m18.
Prices start from $275 for std organic
from $475 for g13b four puck.
The clutches have been carefully designed to give hi clamp load without effecting the pedal pressure req(most other heavy duty clutches increase the pedal pressure which on a gti causes problems like bent pedals,cable stretching and bulkhead tearing)
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heys mate,

I' am currently looking for a new clutch for my 95 manual GTI, whats the best contact number for you as i would like to get some more information on your clutch kits.

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