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Location: Brisbane

As a motorsport preperation specialist I have been actively involved in preparing and racing Suzuki swifts for over ten years,winning many titles in both Drag racing,circuit and hillclimbing,along the way certain products I required for my own race car were not available and so I started manufacturing my own performance products, almost all items I sell have been developed for use in my own race cars and have a proven track history.
Im not really interested in selling replacement air filters or any other readily available commercial products as these are available at every other performance store,what I am all about is some of the custom stuff designed specifically to be used on your suzuki.Items such as turbo kits,Turbo four puck clutches,billet flywheels,billet con rods,Forged pistons,Upgraded gearboxes,Pg type lsds , Fuel rails ,suspension components,to full 300hp + turbo engines,etc,etc
As many of you are aware Im a very busy guy in the workshop and hence the reason why my web store and posts in this section have taken so long to come about.
I am still very active racing suzukis ,building new race cars, so things havnt changed much there,however as more of my products come on the market I will add to posts in this section and hopefully will soon have my webstore up and running to compliment this section.
Hopefully you will find the parts you require to build your Suzuki into that something special using my components ,but if there is anything in particular you think worthwhile engineering /sourcing performance wise just drop me a pm and I will see what I can do.
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