New product: 0.5mm Over Sized Valves
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These over sized valves are suitable for both engine rebuilds and performance rebuilds.

If your head is being rebuilt, more than likely a bit of material is grinded off the valve seats, this is bad for air flow. The 0.5mm oversize compensates this, restoring the best flowing conditions.

For performance applications, these over sized valves, matched with correct porting of the head, will increase airflow, therefore increasing horse power.

These valves fit into the factory valve seats, no extra matching is required. A very worth wild modification if your are working on the internals of the head

They are constructed out of swirl polished stainless steel.

Kit consists of 8 x Exhaust Valves and 8 x Intake Valves.

Retail price of $400 AUD

Seals and brass guides are not included, but can be added for an additional $70 AUD.
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