FS: Billet Bike Carb Setup For 8V Suzuki Heads

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Billet bike carb setup for 8V Suzuki heads. New adapter never used. Pictures to show how it is supposed to be setup. Uses factory boots for easy, clean installation as well as very short runners for best performance. Vacuum distribution block also machined into it for brake booster and heater core ports. Has a thermostat housing to use for Suzuki trucks. Or you can block it off and use it with Suzuki FWD cars too. Meant to use the oil cooled Suzuki Katana carbs 600 or 750. Water cooled can be used with different boots if you want or also GSXR carbs with a little work. I have Bandit 600 carbs that will go with it. Need rebuilt or you can use for parts. I also have an 8v exhaust flange so you can build a header for it especially if you are swapping heads.

Reason you would want this for an 8v head is so you can use a truck cam and distributor (Samurai, Sierra, Escudo, Sidekick etc.) and make the whole engine run mechanically or very little wiring. Especially, if you also use the Samurai head with mechanical fuel pump.

I can answer a few questions on it but these were made custom in a small batch so there is not much info out there on them.

Willing to ship worldwide.


$350 or trade for MK1 parts

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