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I thought it would be useful to have a thread where people can discuss some tips, tricks & traps regarding specific tracks.

I am a newbie to this (but an enthusiastic one!! :P )

So here is some hopefully useful info, links, articles as a starter;

Wakefield Park
Wakefield Park website ... e&Itemid=1 (‘Circuit info’ link has map of track layout etc)

Article on different lines negotiating ‘the kink’ in the main straight at Wakefield Park

Wakefield Park YouTube clip of a 1:10 lap (in a corvette Z06) – useful because it has the TrackVision info with speed, rpm, gear, track map progress, accelerometer etc ... re=related

Wakefield Park YouTube clip of a 1:12 lap Honda B18C (Civic I think!) – useful for learning the track in a similar revving small car.. ... re=channel

Oran Park
Tips on the Northern Part of the GP circuit, by John Boston, Racing driver – pg7 of the CircuitClub mag ... ssue19.pdf

Oran Park with Ian Luff, pg5; ... ssue20.pdf

More excellent Oran Park advice from Circuit club

Eastern Creek
Eastern Creek corner-by-corner instruction - Events O'Neill - Instruction

interview with Eastern Creek track re-designer, Clive Bowen, pg6-7; ... ssue20.pdf

It's about 1.5 hours drive from Sydney, on a road off the main road towards Goulburn - called "Prairie Oak Rd."
Here are the instructions to get there:

interesting interview with Marulan track designer, Garry Wilmington, pg5-6 ... ssue22.pdf
{I am going to give this a try on 7th March!! :) }

{added more Oran Park details 25/4/09}
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