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 Post subject: Swift 1.3ddis 2006 Cuts out on acceleration
PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 8:44 am 

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Hi Guys.

Having difficulty in finding the cause of a problem with my daughters swift.

If the car is in either 3rd or 4th and we try to accelerate quicker than normally ie on overtaking, the engine cuts out for a split second and returns the car into limp home mode and
no further acceleration is possible if say you are at 60mph. Whenever this happens, the light that is always displayed is the service light and occasionally the Engine Management light comes on
too. Car has been serviced with oem parts.

If the engine is immediately switched off and on again whilst driving, the car returns to its normal mode of driving and normal acceleration is possible. Other than this, the car drives perfectly well though the service light will remain on.

If normal driving is observed whereby no harsh acceleration is being used, the service light comes on after around 20 minutes and will remain on for the rest of the journey. It will come back on within a few minutes if the car engine has been stopped/parked stationary for a short period of time.

This problem has been looked at by Suzuki in Belfast and they have seen first hand this issue but haven't a clue as to what is causing it. They want to bring the car in and swap out components at great expense. I cannot afford to be spending hundreds of pounds on this issue.

Point to note. The car drives perfectly well if the isnt rushed into accelerating away. The lights do not affect the performance of the vehicle. There is no stuttering of the engine etc.

Yesterday I placed a Bluespark tuning box on the car to see if this would resolve the issue but this only accelerated the existing problem whereby even at 30mph in 3rd would bring on the limp home mode.

I would be grateful for any assistance as my local mechanic cannot identify the problem nor can Suzuki.

Many thanks

 Post subject: Re: Swift 1.3ddis 2006 Cuts out on acceleration
PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:19 am 

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We don't have the ddis version in Aus .
It sounds like you could be bringing in the knock sensor by accelerating hard, this could be for a number of reasons.
Faulty knock sensor (on the petrol engines this is found down the back of the block and screws directly into block).
Maybe a faulty injector causing one cyl to run lean
Maybe a faulty fuel pump
Diesels tend to sludge up the pcv , so check air filter, and the valve that allows fumes to breath out of engine and associated plumbing,for a test pull the engine breather hose off the top of engine and place into a coke bottle or similar,take for a drive and see if it performs differently.
There are a couple engine sensors that can play up,crank sensor and camshaft sensor , Suzuki should be able to plug in their diagnostics machine to check them out.
Or could be a piston or bearing failure happening on the crank, change the engine oil and filter,carefully cut open the old filter and check to see if there is any bearing material caught in the filter, catch the dirty oil in a clean bucket then pour the dirty oil through a paper funnel type filter(coffee filter)and check for bearing material.

I would start by replacing the knock sensor either with a new one or a secondhand one.
Then buy some diesel injector cleaner and run it through the engine if it makes a difference then you will know if you are on the right track.
Try running on premium(performance) diesel instead of the regular it burns much cleaner than the truck diesel.
Its really a matter of trying these options and if something improves the problem or makes it worse then keep going down that path,if you dont know what to do next, do the above tests and come back on here with the results and someone will help.


 Post subject: Re: Swift 1.3ddis 2006 Cuts out on acceleration
PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:41 pm 

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I have no experience with Suzuki diesels, but plenty with others.
With those symptoms I would suspect a faulty SCV (Suction control valve) on the HPCR pump.
With the correct diagnostic software you should be able to do a road test watching the commanded and actual common rail fuel pressure to see how the SCV is responding.

You might have more inches, but I'd rather be blown.

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