FS: Suzuki SX4 45,000kms, ex cond, ACT

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Suzuki SX4 S



42,something at time of writing, under 45,000kms

custom fit seat covers, dashmat.

Additional Information:
This is the wife's car (and our family car) she has decided she wants a bigger car, so now this has to go.
We bought this car new.
Has been regulary serviced at the dealer, last service (30,000kms) done by me, im a qualified mech. Only ever used Penrite oil, and quality parts.
45,000kms service will be done before handover.
Car has had new tyres fitted to the front wheels at 40,000kms, rears will need replacing in approx 5-10,000kms
Had an issue with the carpet wearing under the drivers feet, Suzuki fixed this problem under warranty. i can include a set of tailor fit mats cheap if wanted.
Car is very good on fuel, has plenty of power to boot, drives and handles well.
never had any dramas, been on quite a few long holidays in it.
This is the S model, so it has 6 airbags, foglights and factory alloys amongst other bits.
See review in SX4 section.
http://www.redlinegti.com/forum/viewtop ... 8&start=20
(3rd post down on 2nd page)

This car is an excellent example, it'll survive reliably for a long time.
Grab a daily for the missus, or reliable work car.

Contact Details:
DO NOT PM!!!!!
I will not check it (i hardly ever log on)
Instead either Email my wife at [email protected]
Or call on 0412 507 571
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