Amp and Sub install

Stereo installs and the music that drives them
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screw em into the rear seats with the magnet facing outward........would look good 8-[ 8-[
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number 1 fusion is absolutely rubbish, yes we all know they are cheap and tempting to buy when running on a small budget but don't go there. i have been tempted but they are not worth it. I'm currently running a 12'' pioneer champion series ported sub running of a 1000watt eclipse amp which has insane sound and base that it rattles my exhaust. i have two 6''x9'' Sony explodes in the parcel shelf screwed beside my amp. i think it looks really good having your amp on show but its bad if some spastic crack head decides he likes it and wants to smash my window to get it. i also have two 4'' pioneer speakers in my under the dash and a Ken wood head unit . i am yet to put in two 6.5'' fly audio speakers in my door but i'm currently waiting for auto barn to give me a call when my door spaces come in from overseas.

when putting in a sub especial please use good wire like 4 gauge this is said to give you better sound quality. also when buying a sub go for a ported one this projects the sound a lot better than a sealed sub. if you cant find anywhere to put ur speakers u can go to autobahn or any other car store and pick ups some speaker boxes or door spacers which can house any size speaker

no sub is better then a fusion sub :)
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