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Changing the oil in your GTi
What you need:
-Trolley jack
-3.6L engine oil
-New oil filter z125 is the product number for a ryco replacement.
-17mm ring spanner
Estimated time:
1/2 Hour
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Step 1.
Firstly you want to use a trolley jack to jack the car up, make sure you position the jack under the car somewhere were it will not damage anything when you lift the car up with it. ***Important: Once the car is jacked up ensure that it is supported in multiple places using jack stands. Never venture under the car without having it correctly supported***
Step 2.
Next get under the car with a 17mm ring spanner and an oil tray position the tray or bottle underneath the sump bolt to catch the engine oil, turn the spanner anti clock wise to loosen sump bolt once it is loose take it off and let the oil drain into the tray you have placed under the bolt.
Step 3.
Let the oil drain out into the tray like so.
Step 4.
This is the oil filter, loosen it at first and let the oil trickle out slowly then, spin it off by hand (it shouldn.t be too tight) once most of the oil has trickled out and let the oil drip out of it also, be careful because there is oil in the filter and it can go everywhere if u tip it.
Step 5.
Once the oil is tricking out really slow like this you can take the filter off and let the rest of the oil out.
Step 6.
This is what it looks like when you take the oil filter off. The new filter will have a rubber O ring on it, its round and rubber and around the centre. Get some oil on your finger and oil up the O ring so it seals nicely when you screw it on clock wise till it is hand tight. Once the new filter is on replace the sump bolt and tighten it up, don.t ever over tighten things on a motor you're asking for trouble if you do.
Step 7.
Remove the oil cap and using a funnel pour in 3.6L of new engine oil, replace oil cap and check the oil level on the dipstick. Pull the stick out wipe it clean with a rag and push it back in.
Step 8.
Pull it out once more and you will be able to see the amount of oil in the motor. Don't ever overfill a motor with oil. If there's not enough oil on the dipstick slowly top it up till there is.